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Last week I asked a question: “What keeps you from traveling more?”

Overwhelmingly, the top answers were cost and lack of time. 

As I mentioned at the time, over 700 million hours of paid vacation days were left on the table last year. So the time is there for many of you; it’s just a matter of whether or not you use it. Or maybe, whether or not you give yourself permission to use it …

Which brings us to cost.

Travel can be expensive. Especially international business class travel. That’s why saving appreciable money on airfare can help you travel more often.

And that’s why I started Biz Class Only over a year ago. At the time, it was just a clunky email I’d periodically send out to friends and family when I found a good deal. 

But it saved them real money. Not just a few dollars, but hundreds or thousands of dollars. It got them traveling to places they never though they could—or would—visit.

This service has grown a lot since then. We have learned a lot, we have listened to a lot of feedback, and we have beta tested everything we can beta test.

It’s time for us to take the next step.

Biz Class Only will move to a paid subscription model over the next month. There will still be a free option, but it will be very limited. The best deals will only be sent to paid subscribers.

As one of our original beta subscribers, you’ll get a hefty discount on a yearly paid subscription. You’ll also get companion passes to share the discount with friends, family members, or travel buddies.

We’ve worked hard to price the yearly subscription so that it represents a good value—but also so that it reflects the time and money we save our subscribers on the business class deals that we share.

We know you won’t book every flight we send.
Some deals depart from airports that you don’t usually fly out of.
Some deals are to cities you don’t necessarily want to visit right now.
Some deals are for dates when you don’t have vacation days set aside.

That’s OK.

This service is supposed to be there when YOU DO want to travel to Paris. Or Tokyo. Or Reykjavík. Or Bali.

It will be there when YOU DO have days set aside to go on safari in Africa.

It will be there for you when YOU DO need it. And it will save you a lot of money—many times the cost of a yearly subscription—even if you only use it once a year. (Be sure to read my next email where I detail how I saved a subscriber $4,000 on one trip to Paris…)  

Thank you for being a loyal subscriber. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. We are excited about this next phase and we can’t wait to share more details—including pricing information and benefits—with you soon. Until then, enjoy the deals …

Safe travels,
Stephen P., Founder

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