where will you go?

Where Will You Go?

You've worked hard. You deserve to fly in comfort.

Looking to fly in comfort with a dignified level of service that harkens back to how air travel “used to be”⁠—without jumping through hoops? You’re in the right place!

My Name is Stephen and I love to travel. I’ve flown business class to over 35 countries since 2015—all on my own dime. My bad knee and inability to sleep sitting up makes business class essentially mandatory anymore. But I’m not independently wealthy. I’ve just gotten really good at finding amazing international business class airfares!

My friends and family were always asking me to share the great deals I found, so I started an informal email newsletter. When people I didn’t even know began asking to be added to my list, I founded this premium travel service to share my deals with more people.

The deals I find often save $500 – $1,000 or more per ticket. But I guarantee every deal will save at least the cost of my service. And there are no “mileage hacks,” no budget airlines, no last-minute trips, and no gimmicks. Just great business class deals.

I’m talking about saving hundreds or thousands per ticket flying business class to:

  • Bucket list destinations like Bali, the Seychelles, and Easter Island
  • Safari hot spots like Kenya and South Africa
  • Major international metro destinations like Tokyo, Dubai, and Buenos Aries
  • Every corner of Europe including standbys like Paris, London, Rome
  • Familial homelands like Ireland, Scotland, Croatia, Africa, and India

If it’s a good deal and reachable via lie-flat seats and reputable airlines, it’s on our radar! And If you don’t think our deals are worth more than the price of our service, we will give you your money back.

I hope you’ll consider us for your next international business class trip.

– Stephen

No Discount Airlines
No last-minute flights
No long layovers
No complex routings
Money back guarantee
Please Note:

Some people don’t believe that business class is worth the money—ever. And that’s OK. If your mind is already made up, please do not purchase to this service because our deals will be of no benefit to you.

But if you already fly in business class or are looking to move up from economy for a special honeymoon, birthday, or bucket list trip, you’ll love our service and it will pay for itself many times over. If it doesn’t, we don’t deserve your money and we will give you a refund.

Charles T. in Nashville
Saved $1,100 per ticket

”Literally 100% savings from my own findings.
Needless to say we will be using this service a lot.
Thanks for the top-rate service!”
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