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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biz Class Only?

Biz Class Only is a premium travel subscription service with one simple goal in mind: To get you into a business class seat and on your way to a fabulous destinations all over the world including: Europe, Africa, Bali, the Caribbean, Asia, and South America.

I found a deal that you didn't send me. What gives?

It’s likely that we saw the deal you found, but it might have exclusions or might be just a little too expensive, have too many stops, or might be too arduous for our subscribers. We see a lot of great deals that get denied at the last step of vetting. We always ask ourselves, “Would we take this flight?” If the answer is no, we won’t send it. We also look based on our subscribers’ self-selected departures and destinations. Sometimes they don’t match up and we don’t want to send deals that will not be of interest to our subscribers.

Can't I do this myself? Why do I need Biz Class Only?

Yes. You can do this yourself. But we imagine you’ve got better things to do. The effort, and more importantly the time, we save our subscribers can be recouped with just one booked flight a year. In other words, if you take one of our flight deals, your savings should be double your subscription price.

Searching Google Flights (or one of the other many business class airfare finders) daily to look for good deals takes a lot of time. And you have to be sure you narrow it down to the best deal taking into account the layover, the route, the type of plane, and the number of stops — all at a true value.

Sometimes, good deals pop up quickly and disappear even faster. Are you searching at that moment? We are! And we send you a link complete with all the details. All you have to do is book the ticket.

Do the Airlines Pay You to Promote Them?

We don’t get paid commission by any airlines or OTAs (online travel agencies [Expedia, Orbitz et al]). We are a premium travel subscription service that charges a flat yearly fee and works for YOU. We do use and recommend some products and services and may get a referral fee from subscriber purchases, but it never increases your price. We try to clearly disclose such instances.

Will All My Deals Leave From Nearby Airports?

If you live near a large internation airport, you should get plenty of deals from that airport. But not all of our deals will depart from your ‘ideal’ airport. Example: We are based in Nashville, so we usually need to take a flight to New York or Chicago or D.C. to start our international trips. But we save hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process — and we have to connect somewhere — so we don’t mind at all.

Read as a Premium subscriber saves almost $2,000
Watch us save an Ultra subscriber $5,500

How Much Does it Cost to Subscribe?

We have several subscription options depending on your needs. Current subscription prices range from free to $349 per year.

Can I Purchase a Gift Subscription?

Our subscriptions make a great gift! When you purchase a subscription, you get a discounted subscription  offer for friends & family. You can also purchase standalone gift subscriptions — just use the recipient’s home and alternate airport information.

I want to take my spouse/children/friends. Do I need multiple subscriptions to buy multiple tickets?

No. You can book as many tickets as you like using one of our deals. If you travel often, it might be worthwhile to buy your spouse a gift subscription. Doing so will double your departure options and allows you to avoid forwarding emails all the time.

How Much Will I Save?

We guarantee that we will save you more than the price of your subscription if you take only one of our flights a year. But we save our frequent flyers and families much more (frequently even $1,000 or more per ticket) and corporate/business clients can trim employee travel budgets in no time.

Is There a Guarantee?

If our service doesn’t save you more than the price of your subscription, we don’t deserve your money and will give you a refund. Just get in touch with us within 30 days and let us know. Please note that PayPal fees are non-refundable because PayPal no longer refunds those fees. So approximately 3%-4% of your subscription price will be held by PayPal and will not be refunded. We DO NOT keep these fees.

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