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Biz Class Only - Europe: Lisbon, Portugal

Premium Business Class Airfare Service

We'd love to welcome you aboard.

But this service is absolutely NOT for everyone.

My Name is Stephen and I love to travel. I’ve flown business class to over thirty five countries since 2015—all on my own dime. But I’m not independently wealthy. I’ve just gotten really good at finding amazing business class airfares all over the world. My friends and family were always asking me to share the deals I found, so I started an email newsletter to share my deals. After people I didn’t even know asked to be added to my list, I founded this premium travel subscription service to share these deals with more people.

Some people simply don’t think business class is worth the money. Ever. And that’s OK. If your mind is already made up, please do not subscribe to this service because our deals and alerts will be of no benefit to you.

But if you already exclusively fly in business class or are looking to move up from economy for a special honeymoon, birthday, or bucket list trip, you’ll love our service and it will pay for itself many times over. If it doesn’t, we don’t deserve your money and we will give you a full refund.

Our deals often save $500 – $1,000 or more per ticket, but we guarantee each deal saves you a minimum of $100 per ticket. Couples, families, and frequent travelers could save 10 times the cost of a paid subscription each year.


What can I expect?

You are absolutely in the right place if you:

  • Put a premium on comfort while flying internationally
  • Have an upcoming honeymoon, anniversary, or “bucket list” trip and want to travel in style AND ensure you get the most bang for your buck
  • Enjoy an enhanced level of inflight service
  • Appreciate arriving at your destination refreshed and ready to hit the ground running
  • Enjoy lounge access before a flight or during connections
  • Are a frequent business class traveler who wants to save money
  • Find value in a smaller, quieter business class cabin
  • Like to collect extra EQMs or EQDs toward airline mileage and/or status programs
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