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Let us know when and where you want to travel, and let us know if this is a special occasion.

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We research the best deals and serve them up to you on a silver platter.
We guarantee our deal will save you more than the cost of our service PER TICKET.
We find the deals. You save time.
You save money.
You travel the world.

A few recent deals ...

New York ⇄ Paris $999 (Save $1,250)
Nashville ⇄ Dublin $1,984 (Save $600+)
DFW ⇄ Seychelle Islands $2,375 (Save $2,320)
JFK ⇄ Amsterdam $2,035 (Save $600+)
New York ⇄ Singapore $1,999 (Save $1,080+)

All the business class flight deals we send out are eligible for frequent flier or loyalty mileage accrual and do not require special codes, coupons, or extra booking steps. These are the same flights you'd find if you searched (multiple times a day, every day, cross-referencing and sorting flight schedules to find the right combination to arrive at the best price).

We do not make commissions from any airlines or online travel or booking agencies. We are a premium travel search service that works solely for our clients who value business class travel and the perks that come with it: Lounge access, priority check-in and boarding, extra bag allowances, lie-flat seats, and enhanced cabin, service, wine, and food.

If this sounds like you, we'd like to welcome you aboard.

No Discount Airlines

No long layovers

No last-minute flights

Money back guarantee

What Our Clients are Saying…

“My wife and I are busy and booking great travel takes time. Biz Class Only makes the complicated process of booking travel fun.” – Mike H, Hilton Head, SC

“Literally 100% savings from my own findings. Needless to say we will be using this service again.” – Charles T, Nashville, TN

“Thanks for the great service. We like to travel and we no longer fly overseas in coach. Too old to tolerate it, LOL!” – Pat D, Franklin, IN

“For the first time in a long time I’m EXCITED about an upcoming long flight!” – John M, Seattle, WA

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While the majority of our clients are not extravagant or independently wealthy, they all place a premium on arriving at their destination rested, refreshed & ready to hit the ground running. We love being a small part of their travels and our greatest thrill is connecting with fellow travelers as they explore the world around them. If you share our passion for travel, adventure, and value a refined class of travel, you're in the right place. We'd like to welcome you aboard.

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