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Save Hundreds or Thousands on Business Class Travel.

Are you unapologetic about paying extra to fly in business class? Prefer to arrive at your destination rested, refreshed & ready to hit the ground running? You've come to the right place. Sign up now to get great business class airfares sent straight to your Inbox. No discount airlines. No complex routing. No long layovers. No last-minute trips. Just great deals, vetted by our business class experts, that we would book ourselves. With our 30-day money back guarantee there's nothing to lose.

Save Time. Save Money. Travel More. Repeat.

Whether because of age, health issues, or simply because you demand more when you travel, it's hard to go back to economy class once you've gotten used to business class. From the included lounge access, priority lanes, lie-flat seats, and smaller, quieter cabin with enhanced service, wine, and food, life is truly better in the front of the plane.

You've worked hard to get here. And we are here to help you enjoy the fruits of your labor. When you subscribe to Biz Class Only, our team will hand-pick international business class flight deals to the best destinations around the world and send them straight to your Inbox 2-3 times a week (sometimes more). We guarantee that all of our deals save at least $100 per ticket, but we actually aim for deals that save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Please Note: This service is not for everyone. We cater to one audience only: Travelers who recognize the value of spending more to fly in business class. If you don't think business class is worth the cost, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR OUR ALERTS. They WILL NOT be of value to you.

Does This Sound Like You? Then Welcome Aboard!

Subscriber Review

I choose Biz Class Only because I work so hard and want my flight to be as comfortable as possible. I enjoying paying a little more to get better service. Quality over quantity for me, always.

– E. Wright, Atlanta, GA

What are the deals like?

Here are a few deals sent to our Free list. Subscribers save more money and receive more deals from more airports.

All prices are business class, round trip, with all taxes & fees included.

JFK ⇄ Amsterdam $2,035
Nashville ⇄ Dublin $1,984
JFK & LAX ⇄ Singapore $2,140 – $2,386
E Coast ⇄ Bangkok $1,932
E Coast ⇄ Nice, France $1,289

what to expect

Get the Most Out of Your Subscription

When searching for business class airfare deals, we always minimize layover times and connections. We also skip over deals if the seats don’t lie flat or if the airline is a budget or low-cost carrier. Only the best airfare deals make it through our vetting process.

While many of the best business class flight deals depart from larger airports—think New York, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, etc.—we keep an eye on smaller airports closer and more convenient for our subscribers. Tell us where you live and where you want to travel and we’ll start searching your airport!

Buy 2 & Save

Buy one subscription for you and save 20% on one for your spouse, travel buddy, bestie, or relative. You'll each get full subscriptions and can each choose your own departure airports. A great way to share your love of travel & adventure.

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